Custom Designer Window Films in Pompano Beach, Florida for Your Office

Create Unique and Interesting Spaces with Privacy and Frosted Window Film

Decorative window film by Vista can allow interior decorators and designers to add colors, textures and patterns into both new and existing buildings, all without disruptive remodeling. Southern Glass Protection offers a full line of privacy and custom designer window films in Pompano Beach in a wide range of hues and patterns.

Privacy film is professionally installed, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and requires minimal disruption to tenants. It can be easily applied and removed, which is well suited to leased spaces where tenant turnover creates the need for frequent updates.

With your design skills and creativity along with the flexibility of decorative window films, the possibilities are endless.

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Add Privacy to Spaces with Frosted Custom Designer Window Films in Pompano Beach

Frosted window film (also called window privacy film) is the ideal combination of aesthetics and privacy. Well suited for nearly any application, frosted film creates privacy without sacrificing natural light. Created bold colors and patterns while shielding private spaces for client requirements.

Unlike etched glass, custom designer window films in Pompano Beach cost a fraction of the price, are easily removable, resist fingerprints, and don’t require any special cleaning.

Southern Glass Protection offers patterned films in a wide variety of styles to fit any aesthetic requirements. Patterned window films are available in a variety of translucent and opaque whites to create an acid-etched appearance to create bold statements.

Could your building use some added elegance or a much-needed update? Without the expense of designer glass, create a new look for your building. And unlike replacement glass, window film features vinyl construction to lend to easy custom-cut solutions.

No matter what your design needs, we have specialty films to suit it. We can work with you to combine colors and patterns, overlap patterns for a signature look, diffuse or focus light, or even block out all light. Southern Glass Protection can provide you with a practical, affordable, and unique custom designer window film in Pompano Beach to suit your style.