Comfort and Productivity

Increase Comfort & Productivity with Window Tint in Pompano Beach, Florida

Without Paying for Costly Tinted Glass

Tinted windows provide a cost-effective solution to help increase both employee and tenant comfort. Comfort is a key element in productivity. According to a recent study, 80% of works have issues concentrating when the office temperatures is warmer than usual. Nearly two-thirds say normal tasks can take up to 25% longer when it’s warmer. A great way to increase comfort and productivity is window tinting in Pompano Beach.

Not only does Vista Window Film reduce unwanted heat in your building, but it also allows sunlight into the building without causing a glare on TV or computer screens. Reducing the need for artificial light allows tenants to leave blinds and shades open, giving them the view they paid for.

Keep Your Office Cooler with Window Tinting

Have you ever had some tenants complain that it is too hot and others that it is too cold? This is often caused by uneven temperatures resulting from solar energy entering through windows. Tenants with windows facing toward afternoon sun are subject to sweltering South Florida temperatures, even with closed blinds, and those in other parts of the building are too cold due to the air conditioner running to keep up with the hot spots.

As a building owner or manager, one of the goals is often satisfied and comfortable tenants and employees. Vista Solar Window Film reduces heat caused by solar energy up to 75%, helping to even out hot and cold spots in your building.

As many building managers know, you can attract premium tenants with green upgrades. But which upgrades are attractive to prospective tenants while providing significant energy savings?

Two improvements that fulfill both goals include replacement windows and high-efficiency HVAC equipment. However, quality window film for tinting windows costs a fraction of what it would take to replace a building’s windows. Not only that, window tinting can help reduce the HVAC load by filtering out much of the solar heat that which enters through windows in summer and retaining much of the warmth that is lost out windows in winter. So what are you waiting for? Increase comfort and productivity with window tinting in Pompano Beach, Florida.