Heat and Glare

Reduce Unwanted Heat and Glare with Window Tint in Pompano Beach, Florida

Make Your Home Comfortable with Heat and Glare Reduction in Pompano Beach

Vista Heat Control Home Window Tinting can evenly distribute heat, reduce hot and cold spots, and improve overall comfort of your home all year long.

Did you know?

  • Windows are an important part of the home’s energy efficiency since they allow solar heat to enter the home in the summer and heating to escape in cooler months.
  • Not only that, windows account on average for 15% to 30% of the total heating load and can account for more than 50% of cooling during summertime.
  • A cost-effective way to reduce home energy waste is by upgrading existing windows with heat control window film.

Most heat control window films feature ultra-thin layers of metal, which act as infrared (solar heat) reflectors or absorbers and visible light filters. Don’t worry—these layers are so thin that they are transparent, so they block the heat but not your view.

For Energy Savings & Heat and Glare Reduction in Pompano Beach, Look No Further than Southern Glass Protection

Window film not only provides heat control to create a comfortable home, it reduces glare caused by the sun’s rays. Daylight casts a harsh glare on your TV or computer, causing eye strain and interfering with viewing enjoyment. But there’s no need to draw the curtains to get rid of the glare.

Vista Heat Control Home Window Tinting provides a quick and affordable solution to get rid of distracting glare. Window film is more than just a tint; it’s an advanced technology which lets in natural light while reducing glare up to 87%, all while improving windows’ insulating properties.

Enjoy both views with window film for heat and glare reduction in Pompano Beach by Southern Glass Protection.