Safety and Security

Residential Safety & Security Window Film in Pompano Beach, Florida

Protection for Your Home and Family

You always lock your doors and windows, but your windows’ glass is still the most vulnerable entry point in your home. Window breakage during severe storms and high winds can cause your family and your property significant damage. Protect your home with Vista™ Window Film from flying shards of glass—a major cause of injury and damage during and after storms and natural disasters like hurricanes.

Not only does Vista Safety and Security Film in Pompano Beach provide protection in severe weather, it can protect your family from accidental glass breakage or an intruder. Safety film holds glass securely in place if an impact should occur.

Safety and Security Window Film in Pompano Beach

Window film creates an added impediment to illegal access by making a window more difficult to shatter and by holding glass firmly in the frame after impact. Southern Glass Protection can provide your home with an invisible barrier in your home against theft and intruders.

And because Vista Safety and Security Window Film in Pompano Beach is micro-thin and invisible, you won’t even know it’s there—until it’s needed most.

Choose a cost-effective alternative to other, more intrusive protective measures. Southern Glass Protection will gladly educate you on the different levels of window safety which will best suit your home.

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