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Custom Designer Window Films for Your Office

Create Unique and Interesting Spaces with Privacy and Frosted Window Film

Decorative window film by Vista can allow interior decorators and designers to add colors, textures and patterns into both new and existing buildings, all without disruptive remodeling. Southern Glass Protection offers a full line of privacy and custom designer window films in Tamarac FL in a wide range of hues and patterns.

Privacy film is professionally installed, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and requires minimal disruption to tenants. It can be easily applied and removed, which is well suited to leased spaces where tenant turnover creates the need for frequent updates.

With your design skills and creativity along with the flexibility of decorative window films, the possibilities are endless.

Add Privacy to Spaces with Frosted Custom Designer Window Films.

Frosted window film (also called window privacy film) is the ideal combination of aesthetics and privacy. Well suited for nearly any application, frosted film creates privacy without sacrificing natural light. Created bold colors and patterns while shielding private spaces for client requirements.

Unlike etched glass, custom designer window films in Pompano Beach cost a fraction of the price, are easily removable, resist fingerprints, and don’t require any special cleaning.

Southern Glass Protection offers patterned films in a wide variety of styles to fit any aesthetic requirements. Patterned window films are available in a variety of translucent and opaque whites to create an acid-etched appearance to create bold statements.

Could your building use some added elegance or a much-needed update? Without the expense of designer glass, create a new look for your building. And unlike replacement glass, window film features vinyl construction to lend to easy custom-cut solutions.

No matter what your design needs, we have specialty films to suit it. We can work with you to combine colors and patterns, overlap patterns for a signature look, diffuse or focus light, or even block out all light. Southern Glass Protection can provide you with a practical, affordable, and unique custom designer window film in Pompano Beach to suit your style.

Home & Office Vista Window Film

Find the Best Window Film for Your Project with Vista Window Film Product Selection

No matter what your goal with window film is—to increase security, to add elegance or privacy, to reduce heat and glare, lower energy bills, or block out harmful UV rays—our 18 years of experience, including ongoing education about the latest technology, will allow us to recommend the best window film product to meet your needs.

See below to learn more about the Vista™ Window Film product selection, and don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions about your project.


This window film features the latest technology to work all year at keeping heat out during the summer and reducing lost heat in the winter. Think of it as turning your single-pane windows into dual-pane windows—and your dual-pane windows into triple-pane windows.


Low-e (or low-emissivity) films are best suited for cooler climates to conserve energy.


Neutral window films work to provide moderate heat rejection while keeping a soft, neutral appearance. Lighter versions are recommended for showrooms or high-visibility display windows.

Spectrally Selective

While remaining virtually invisible, Spectrally Selective Films work to let in desirable daylight while still blocking harmful UV rays and unwanted heat. Ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings, offices, and homes that require minimal light control with maximum heat rejection.


Dual-reflective films conserve energy, greatly reduce glare, and reject harmful UV light while still maintaining outside views. These films are shiny (reflective) on the outside in order to provide maximum heat rejection. The inside surface is less reflective in order to reduce interior reflection of artificial lighting after dark.


Maximum performance window film with very low interior and exterior reflectivity (shininess).


A clear window film designed to hold broken glass together in the frame if/when an impact occurs. It also helps slow an intruder’s entry through glass, giving your family or building occupants valuable time to get to safety.

Commercial Safety & Security Window Film

Protect Your Building Occupants and Your Investment with Commercial Safety and Security Window Film.

Vista™ Security Window Film is made with heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry’s strongest adhesives. This creates an incredibly powerful barrier to hold glass in place if an impact occurs.

Commercial safety and security window film can protect occupants and merchandise from impact, no matter if it’s from crime, vandalism, natural disasters, or a simple accident. Suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects, window film can securely control and even eliminate damage caused by flying shards of glass.

Suitable for a broad range of applications, Southern Glass Protection offers Vista Security Films meeting numerous certifications and test standards in the United States, Europe and around the world, including:

  • ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat I and II
  • General Services Administration (GSA) and United Facilities Criteria (UFC)
  • ASTM Large Missile Level C and Small Missile requirements
  • Underwriters Laboratory UL972 Forced Entry requirements
  • Factory Mutual FM Approvals 4350 Small Missile
  • EN356, level P2A

What Safety and Security Window Film Can do for Your Building

Help Deter Theft

Improve Shatter Resistance

Project Against Accidents

Reduce Blast Hazards

Reflect Heat

Block Uv Rays

Recommended Applications for Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

Security window film is recommended for commercial buildings in areas prone to violent storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. South Florida in particular is known for dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes, but with security film installed, you can rest assured that your tenants and your investment are safer. In addition, the following building types may also benefit from security film:

Increase Comfort & Productivity with Window Tint.

...Without Paying for Costly Tinted Glass

Tinted windows provide a cost-effective solution to help increase both employee and tenant comfort. Comfort is a key element in productivity. According to a recent study, 80% of works have issues concentrating when the office temperatures is warmer than usual. Nearly two-thirds say normal tasks can take up to 25% longer when it’s warmer. A great way to increase comfort and productivity is window tinting.

Not only does Vista Window Film reduce unwanted heat in your building, but it also allows sunlight into the building without causing a glare on TV or computer screens. Reducing the need for artificial light allows tenants to leave blinds and shades open, giving them the view they paid for.

....Without Paying for Costly Tinted Glass

Have you ever had some tenants complain that it is too hot and others that it is too cold? This is often caused by uneven temperatures resulting from solar energy entering through windows. Tenants with windows facing toward afternoon sun are subject to sweltering South Florida temperatures, even with closed blinds, and those in other parts of the building are too cold due to the air conditioner running to keep up with the hot spots.

As a building owner or manager, one of the goals is often satisfied and comfortable tenants and employees. Vista Solar Window Film reduces heat caused by solar energy up to 75%, helping to even out hot and cold spots in your building.

As many building managers know, you can attract premium tenants with green upgrades. But which upgrades are attractive to prospective tenants while providing significant energy savings?

Two improvements that fulfill both goals include replacement windows and high-efficiency HVAC equipment. However, quality window film for tinting windows costs a fraction of what it would take to replace a building’s windows. Not only that, window tinting can help reduce the HVAC load by filtering out much of the solar heat that which enters through windows in summer and retaining much of the warmth that is lost out windows in winter. So what are you waiting for?  Increase comfort and productivity with window tinting for your business in Tamarac FL. 

Commercial UV Window Protection Film in Tamarac FL

Reduce Damage Caused by the Sun

UV window film creates a barrier in between a building’s occupants and interior furnishings and harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet A rays (UVA) in particular are responsible for causing extensive damage—including causing skin cancer and fading of furniture and flooring. Untreated glass offers little to no protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but UV window films protect tenants and furnishings for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

Vista UV Window Protection Film, used exclusively by Southern Glass Protection, provides the highest level of rejection by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This helps to protect against the dangers of extended UV exposure such as skin diseases, premature aging, and photosensitivity.

Solar ultraviolet rays are also the leading cause of interior furnishing fading, including flooring, wall coverings, artwork, photographs, furniture, and more. Retail stores can protect their merchandise in from damage and fading from window tinting.

UV Window Protection Film vs. Alternatives

There are lower cost alternatives to reduce UV exposure such as curtains, blinds, and awnings, but these investments are less than ideal, as they create a dark environment and reduce building occupants’ view of the outside. Window film, on the other hand, is available in a wide range of shades and reflectivity, so that occupants can enjoy natural light while still blocking out harmful UV rays, heat and glare.

Architects often specify UV window protection film in Tamarac FL and other southern cities in order to counteract the negative effects of daylighting, or the practice of positioning windows so that natural light during the day provides effective internal lighting, reducing the need for artificial light.

Replacement windows are available with special coatings for UV protection, but this is a cost-prohibitive option for many commercial buildings. Vista Window Film installation is up to 80–90% less expensive than replacement windows, and installation of window tinting is much less intrusive and disruptive than replacement windows.

Commercial Energy Efficient Window Film

Energy Efficient Window Film

Vista™ Energy-Efficient Window Film in Tamarac FL helps reduce solar heat gain up to 75%. This can help you save money and reduce wasted energy. According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, approximately one third of a building’s cooling costs are caused solely by solar heat gain through untreated windows

Reduce air-conditioner run times and/or lower cooling loads with window films to save money and energy.

Calculate Your Building’s Potential Energy Savings

Energy-efficient window film in can help reduce energy costs on average from 5% to 15%.

With an average payback within three years, what are you waiting for?

Fast Return on Investment for Window Tinting in Tamarac FL.

Window Tint Cost & Window Tinting Prices — Window Film Return on Investment.

Window tinting prices are significantly less than other energy saving solutions while providing many of the same benefits—making window film one of the best returns on investment for your building.

According to the survey “Energy Saving Trends in the Facility Design and Management Industry”, payback is the largest deterrent to implementing an energy savings project for facility managers and architects alike. However, the majority of the facility managers and architects responding reported that 2–4 years was the most acceptable payback period for an energy savings upgrade.

Image: Factors in evaluating window tint cost include: payback, initial investment, monthly savings, increased building value, LEED Certification, and install time.

Window Tint Cost Minus Energy Savings = Fast Payback

With payback at the forefront when recommending energy savings upgrades, facility managers and architects should feel confident suggesting window tinting by Southern Glass Protection. Window tint can help reduce a building’s energy costs by 5% to 15% as well as cut solar heat gain up to 75%. The annual energy cost savings that Vista Window Tint provides allows a building to quickly—typically within 3 years or less—recoup its costs.

Compared to replacing entire windows, window tinting prices are considerably lower. With an average of 6.6 times cost savings per $1 invested and a faster payback with new low-e windows, adding window film to your business is a smart, energy-saving solution.

Not only will building owners benefit from energy cost savings, both employees and tenants can experience increased comfort, protection from harmful UV rays, and reduced glare. Unlike time-consuming window replacement, building occupants will appreciate the minimal inconvenience during window film application.

See how the window tint cost for your building compares to potential energy savings by using the Energy Savings Calculator. You can also request a free energy analysis to receive an estimate of your building’s window tint cost as well as projected window film return on investment.

Benefits of Commercial Window Film

Read about Vista™ Commercial Window Film benefits for building owners and occupants, including:

Energy Efficiency

Solar control window film, like building insulation, offers thermal insulation for your windows. Control how much light and heat enters your building to reduce utility costs and wasted energy.

Fast Return on Investment

Compared to other energy-savings upgrades like window or HVAC replacement or lighting, window film has one of the fastest payback periods, with a typical ROI in 3 years or less—one of the many commercial window film benefits.

Comfort & Productivity

Rather than costly tinted glass, increase comfort with Vista Solar Control Window Film at a fraction of the price. It offers many of the same commercial window film benefits, including increasing employee productivity and comfort.

UV Protection

Window film blocks dangerous UV rays from passing through your windows. This protects occupants from skin cancer and premature aging as well as protecting furnishings, artwork, flooring, and merchandise from fading and cracking.

Safety & Security

Security window films reduce the danger associated with broken glass. This security film can be used in new construction as well as retrofit projects.


At a fraction of the cost of etched glass, provide your occupants with attractive decorative window film in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Find the Best Window Film for Your Project

No matter what your goal with window film is—to increase security, to add elegance or privacy, to reduce heat and glare, lower energy bills, or block out harmful UV rays—our 18 years of experience, including ongoing education about the latest technology, will allow us to recommend the best window film product to meet your needs while educating you about various commercial window film benefits.

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